by Peter Turay


Our passionate, gospel-spreading society known as The Christian Union, remain keen and persistent to spread the message of Christianity to the student community of DMU.  Starting from 2 February, the upcoming event Convinced is a way of blessing Leicester, whilst strengthening their relationship with Christ within our New Year.


As Leicester is a very diverse, multicultural city some may believe spreading the gospel would be fairly difficult here, but I caught up with Dan Cook, who chairs the group, to find out exactly what Convinced will entail.



 Whereabouts and when is the Convinced event going to take?

 Well, there are going to be 4 venues during the course of that week, where our Convinced event will be taking place, Peter.  Firstly; our Queens Building 0.10, where we will have 6 events here throughout the week, including our morning sessions on finding out what students think of Jesus Christ, and who he means to them as a person in their lives whilst growing up in university.  And our other places where this event would take place include the St Martin’s Coffee Shop near Cank Street in town, Parcel Yard restaurant near Leicester Train Station, and finally the Trinity Hall Church in town too.


 Wow! So overall, you’re going to have a hectic week commencing the start of February, spreading the word of God to our fellow DMUers in all those places.

Exactly, but I’m sure we’ll manage because as a society, we feel it’s the right thing to do in spreading God’s word!


 So what’s the Christian Union’s reason for hosting this event?

We’re here to seize the opportunity for students to learn and be educated about the holy gospel of Christ.


 Why then, do you feel it’s important for this event to take place for the DMU community?

I believe that Jesus is important to be spoken about in the university, alongside a establishing a relationship with him too in people’s lives.


Yeah I understand what you mean, because many students in uni go through their own personal challenges and struggles, causing them to want reassurance and establish a relationship in their faith and religion.  This is so they can apply their beliefs to live their lives righteously and just in the ways of Christianity by inviting Jesus into their hearts.

Definitely man, I totally agree with what you said there.


What do you hope to achieve from your event then?

We as a society, want to reach out to students about their faith and beliefs in a higher being watching and caring us here as students.


 Oh, so you reassure DMU’s student body to seek advice and confide in the Christian Union’s support with their faith and morality during the course of their university lives, and how important Jesus can be to them too?

Yeah, definitely!


What’s the sole purpose as to why the Christian Union exists at DMU?

To question and build up students’ faith in Jesus Christ in their lives.  We even have Leicester Tigers Player, Brad Thorne, supporting our cause here to come in during one of the days, and speak about his faith in Jesus and why he became a Christian too.”


Really? That’s quite impressive how you wish to convince DMU’s student body about how Christianity has even made a positive impact on a regional sports player too, as people will definitely hold some conviction to their spirituality of how Christianity motivates their personal success in life!


And finally, this question’s personally aimed at you Dan.  I’d like to know how do you feel your relationship with Christianity is.”

Well, Peter, I grew up and was brought up into a Christian family since I was very young, but didn’t really feel convinced to following the moral lifestyle of a Christian.  It didn’t take me until when I was 14 before I gave my life to Christ, and I do believe that over the years it has been a real test of my faith with the temptations and challenges you experience being a man of God.  However, I do believe that sharing the gospel is a privilege in life to give on to humanity, as it is challenging with a different religion, but very rewarding knowing you’ve obeyed the holy word of the bible as a Christian.


You’re definitely correct there Dan, it takes people with real passion and enthusiasm to share out their beliefs, especially representing their own society. It’s all about dedication, commitment and honesty to your beliefs

Spot on man!


So my fellow DMU`ers, are YOU convinced enough to be a part of this exciting, inspiring event hosted by our Christian Union?  Check out the societies section on the DSU website for the latest updates and news of our gospel-spreading union, dedicated to continuously blessing our wonderful university.