With RAG week soon approaching, clubs, groups and societies around DMU are all planning ways in which they can raise impressive amounts of money for designated charities. Amidst these plans are some creative ideas, of which will be revealed in upcoming weeks. However, among these plans is the ‘life-changing’ opportunity to jump from a 13,500 ft height with DMU’s Skydiving Club, in their JUMP4RAG campaign.

Rachel Yates, Chair of the society, said: “Because we’re a skydiving club we thought why not get everyone interested in skydiving and see if anyone wanted to do a tandem skydive.”

The dive will take place in Langar – an area close to Nottingham- in February. Those involved will see themselves jumping out of a plane at a 13,500 ft height, with an experienced diver on their back.

The exhilarating experience is just one of many ways in which DMU students will be raising money for charities. Skydiving club have chosen to dedicate their jumps to The Joe Humphries Memorial Trust.

A local charity, the memorial trust was set up by the parents of Joe Humphries; a young boy who died of sudden-arrhythmic death syndrome. Whilst jogging just 2 minutes from home one morning, the 14 year old boy’s heart gave way, and he sadly passed.

The charity seeks to raise awareness of the syndrome, as well as providing advice and training on CPR. As a result, the family regularly work closely with local youth sports teams, and train them up in the life-saving process.

In order to contribute to the cause with JUMP4RAG, it is asked that an initial £50 deposit is to be paid via the DSU website. After that, an additional £360 minimum will ought to be raised, via sponsors and fundraisers, which will go towards the charity.

Rachel, who is also a third year Education Studies student, said: “Part of that money pays for your jump. So, inevitably, you jump for free.

“The charity that we’ve chosen is perfectly happy to pay for that out of the fund’s raised.”

She added: “The more people who sign up for the dive, the more money we can raise for the cause.”

Taking part is easy. With very little restrictions on those who can take part, volunteers will travel by coach to the airfield. There, basic training will be given, and each person will be allowed the opportunity to jump.

Rachel said: “I personally did a tandem in July. It was like the best experience of my life. It’s the most life changing thing ever!”

For those who have reservations about plummeting from such heights, the chairwoman goes on to insist that experience far outweighs the initial scare.

She said: “You don’t feel like you’re falling, you feel more like you’re floating; it’s quite a bizarre.

“Everybody should experience it.”

The skydiving club boasts of their flexibility- with members allowed to jump as and when suits them. Where dives do depend on weather and cost implications (with jumps starting from £38), Rachel insists that being a part of the society is easy and completely rewarding.

The society also provides a progression system whereby members can work their way up to becoming a qualified diver. So far, an impressive 22 members have already taken the course.

The club discriminates against none; whether you’re wheelchair-bound or visually impaired, you’re still able- and encouraged- to take part. The only requirement is that volunteers are able to move their legs into the necessary position for their jumps.

Photographs and videos of the jumps may be purchased on the day at a cost of around £75-85. Rachel added: “I’ve got one. I’ve even had one of my pictures blown up as a Christmas present to myself.

“It’s going to go on my wall!”

Above all, as a part of their JUMP4RAG scheme, the club are  offering a completely life-changing experience which will subsequently contribute towards a good cause- and taking part is easy!



For more information about how you can get involved in JUMP4RAG, contact the society via:

Don’t forget to add sponsorships to your Christmas list, it’s not too late!

Join the society on Facebook: DMU Skydiving Club