DMU’s exclusive enterprise society, WireDMU now makes steady progress successfully into its second year, as their sole mission lies within delivering inspiration and motivation for students to network and develop creativity and passion within the fields of enterprise. Ranging from successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders and passionate, motivational speakers, WireDMU remains dedicated to equipping students with the right resources and guidance needed to push that entrepreneurial drive with students into practice!!

On Tuesday, October 7th, local Bossa Café owner and energetic entrepreneur, Gareth Hazard, paid a visit to the Innovation Centre to tell all of journey from having a riveting enthusiasm for Coffee-making and bartending later to turning that into the venture he proudly runs today. Leaving his university studies aged 19, Hazard stated how much he disliked being instructed what to do, but rather chose to follow his own initiative and practicality into enterprise over being an academic thinker of it. By working for both Café Nero and a range of bars, Hazard cleverly decided to open a bar that sold daytime pastries, snacks and coffees by day and fantastic alcoholic beverages at night. Terrific way to stand out from typical bars, isn’t it?!

Taking on a full rally of students and other WireDMU members firing questions at him about his entrepreneurial success, Hazard admits how he partially regrets leaving university so young as he feels he missed out on greater opportunities to develop networking and academic skills for enterprise in the long-run. He did, however, point out: “just because you’re not good academically, it doesn’t mean you don’t have potential to start your own business”. Hazard may have abandoned his university studies, but does not disregard how important a university education is as an ideal starter in reality.

As DMU’s student body grew more intrigued into the success of Hazard’s bartending passion being established, he reassured us of how lively and industrious our beloved Leicestershire County is for business and SME start-ups in the country. This was possibly an indirect way of informing us how business location must match to one’s personal qualities for success to be executed soundly.

By setting up a daytime café and nighttime bar, Hazard demonstrates clear insight into catering to both the needs of snack and coffee-serving for the hectic, routine-based workers of Leicester, and the adventurous sides of student-based activity and alcohol innovation. Well thought out, Hazard; Bravo!

Overall, Hazard’s visit and words of motivation remained a great privilege to share amongst the DMU community, as his life experiences of perseverance and dedication to his dream paid off well despite his incomplete educational status. Most people tend to be daunted by the fear of rejection, failure, humiliation, lack of innovation or creativity, but yet if a 26-year-old man can focus and drive his determination persistently to owning a business, what stops any of us from unlocking our potential too?

Oli Bass, Chairman of Wire DMU, said: “[Hazard is] a fantastic guy with a big heart and great ideas.

“He was so open to us about all aspects of his business- from personal wage to supplier costs and even future plans!”

Touching on how he manages time for family and friends along with how his financial priorities had to be organised and reinvested wisely, Mr Hazard truly took a bold step of faith of gaining his true fulfilment of taking charge of his own work life. He truly is a `Hazard` here! Congrats WIRE DMU for having the honour of presenting us with such an ambitious gentleman!!