KasiaName: Kasia Mieszczak

Course:  Economics and Finance

Year of study: 1st year

Occupation within Comedy Society: Just a standard, grey member of the society


What got you interested in doing comedy?

Coming to Leicester for the comedy festival last year and seeing a lot of stand up comedians; some worse than others; made me think that perhaps I could give it a go too, and that sparked my interest in comedy. I then began researching the comedy scene in Bristol, which it turns out is pretty big, and attended many comedy shows, clubs and workshops.

How long have you been doing comedy?

In year 11 I said to my Chemistry class ‘friends’ that one day I’ll be a comedian, and they laughed (at me, not with me). Little did they know! Only since coming to University in September, I started to think more seriously about performing comedy.

Who are your main influences?

My main comic influences would include Jon Richardson, Seann Walsh, Fin Taylor and Sara Pascoe.

What inspires the material you come up with?

Would it be narcissistic to say me? All of my material is things that have happened to me, things I’ve said and thought. My brain is ticking 24/7 with weird, silly and out-of-the-blue thoughts, so I always carry a little notepad with me and jot them down. Maybe only about 20% of them make It into the final set.

How would you describe your comic style?

I would describe my comic style as all over the place story-telling and short anecdotes. It’s a bit like a mechanic trying to bake a cake; it may not look nice but it tastes good.

The show’s called Gagging for Attention, how will you be grabbing the audience’s attention during the show?

Hopefully myself and my material will be enough to grasp the audience’s attention. Otherwise… I might strip?

How does it feel to be performing at the comedy festival, alongside some well-known names?

Such a big honour! It is super exciting to be involved in the comedy festival as a performer, and seeing myself in the same crowd as the big comedy dogs.

How does being in comedy society prepare you for big events like the Comedy Festival?

Comedy Society is a great opportunity for any aspiring comic to prepare for a show.  We run workshops during which we talk and critique our material, voice our opinions, help each other out; as it’s beneficial to get someone else’s second opinion on what you’re doing. And the socials are fun!

What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

A lot of big names grace the stages of the comedy festival, there Is a lot to learn from them, as many of them started out doing small gigs at comedy festivals, be inspired and to get your name in the industry. I’m also looking forward to seeing a lot of my favourite comedians in one city, in one month. No more waiting around for months between the shows!

Anything you’re nervous about?

I’m nervous about thinking my joke is absolutely hilarious and no one laughing at it when I’m on stage, and not delivering the punchline right.

If we like what we see at the show, where else can we see you perform?

There is monthly open mic night at the Cookie, and as DMU Comedy Society we might be putting on another event later on in the year.

You can also catch Kasia in Demon Media’s Demon Island alongside James Porritt, pleading for your help to survive the island.

Otherwise, catch her at Comedy Society’s show, Gagging for Attention, on 22 February at the Cookie Jar.