beer pong committeeOver the course of Freshers’ Week, it had been concluded that Beer Pong Society was one of the best performing societies. The new society had a fantastic kick-off, managing to get over two hundred freshers signing up at the freshers stall.

Jonny Royall, chairman of Beer Pong Society, said: “ I’m thrilled with the amount of interest beer pong society got at Freshers’ Fair.

“We’ve had a great couple of socials so far and are looking to expand. ”

Beer Pong is a drinking game made popular due to its approval in the USA. The premise of the game involves two teams who both aim to bounce a ping-pong ball into the opponents’ cup full of beer. Should the team member successfully manage to make the ball land in the drink, the opponent will then have to drink it. The winning group is the team that gets the ball into all opponents’ cups.

DMU Beer Pong got the green light and became an official society this year, after it had been rejected many times last year.

Aden Levitt, social secretary of the society, said: “I try to organise themes for beer pong and places to go afterwards. The last one we did was a white T-shirt night where we all brought marker pens and decorated each other.

“Needless to say you can tell who’s done art and who, like me, have the skills of a five year old.”

The drinking-game society has its socials fortnightly on Thursdays at Level One of the SU, where the members enjoy the game and discounted drinks.

Luiza Wojno, media officer for the society, said: “ We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a Snapchat account, so that our members are updated on regular bases and we can reach out to wider audience.”

The society’s committee are already planning a charity event later in the year, where money will be raised to support a local charity.

Megan Haywood, a member of DMU Beer Pong, said: “ I became a beer pong member this year and I really enjoy it. Its a fun game and a nice way to interact with people.”

For all information regarding DMU’s Beer Pong society, get involved via their social media pages:

Facebook: DMU Beer Pong Society

Twitter: @Dmubeerpong