I’m sure there’s a few of you still unsure of what societies to become a part of. Making a decision may be easier with all that’s going on this week.  Check out what these groups are getting up to: from educational to social, there is lots of ways for you to meet new people, learn a thing or two or knock back a few cheeky bevvies.



Tuesday 7th October 2014

–          Who: WireDMU

–          What: 1st Guest speaker

–          Where: Innovation Centre- 6.30pm

–          Why: Local bar owner, Gareth Hazard, will be sharing his experience of starting a business.

–          Ideal for: Entrepreneurs seeking to learn a few tricks of the trade

–          Tweet @WIRE_DMU for more info.



–          Who:  Ahlu Bayt Islamic Society

–          What: Food Crawl

–          Why: Make a change from the boozy bar crawls and experience some new cuisines instead!

–          Ideal for: Foodies who are up for trying new delicacies

–          Add Leicester Absoc on Facebook.



Wednesday 8th October 2014

–          Who: DMU British Sign Language Society

–          What: Social

–          Why: Meet the team for their first social of the year

–          Ideal for: Students who want to learn to communicate in a different way. You never know when Sign Language can come in handy!

–          Join DMU BSL Society on Facebook


–          Who: Sikh Society

–          What: Guest Speaker

–          Why: Get the chance to be introduced to Sikhism

–          Ideal for: Students interested in learning about the religion.

–          Join DMU Sikh Society on Facebook


Thursday 9th October 2014

 –          Who: Tamil Society

–          What: Meet and Greet

–          Where: Soar Point- 5.30pm

–          Why: Get the chance to meet the Tamil Society committee and fellow society members.

–          Ideal for: Students wanting to meet new people interested in Tamil culture

–          Tweet @DMUTamilSociety for details



Friday 10th October 2014

 –          Who: DMU CSSA

–          What: Masquerade

–          Where: Level 1- 6.30pm

–          Why: Join members of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association for a ball of an evening

–          Price: £4.99. Hurry! There’s only 150 tickets up for grabs

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