Alexander Duncan – Cove -Silver Arcade

Over 10,000 pieces of collected polyurethane and polystyrene foam make up this work that explores the idea of the unknown in life and art.

Brick Cloud – Two Queens

Works from artists exploring pattern, surface and man-made forms, working in a space between where painting ends and sculpture begins. Artists: Beth Shapeero, Daniel Cave, Jo Willoughby, Leonie Brandner, Sam Laughlin, SeRin Park, Tess Williams.

Spilled Screen – Silver Arcade

Works from three painters working with methods of deconstruction, abstraction and fragmentation. Artists: Alberto Condotta, Daniel Bourke, Loz Atkinson.

Toposcope – Silver Arcade

Work exploring movement within and around spaces both geographical and psychological, examining the human desire for movement, exploration and the building of tools to navigate with and inhabit. Artists: Alexander Wallis, David Langham, Gina Soden, Oliver Quinn, Sandra Fruebing, Susannah Stark.

Vacant Lot – Embrace Arts

Works from artists exploring the relationship between society and the individual, examining consumerism, technologically augmented and heightened hyper-realities, and the production of objects both mass produced and obsessively crafted. Artists: Anna White, Beth Kane, Joshua Green, Olivier Marc Tomas Leger, Sam Laughlin.