De Montfort University’s sustainability team has challenged students to ‘Walk the Great Wall’ as part of the Green Impact project.

The challenge which ends on February 13 is open to all students and staff who want to help make DMU a more environmentally friendly place.

Environmental and Sustainability Officer Karl Letten, said: “During these four weeks we aim to collectively walk along the length of the Great Wall of China.

“The campaign is part of our wider greener travel initiatives and Green Impact which aims to encourage cleaner, greener forms of travels to and from DMU.

“This helps to support staff and student well-being while at the same time reducing the university’s environmental impact.”

Free pedometers are being given away to those wishing to take part in the hope that when the challenge ends, the collective total from participants will be greater than the length of the Great Wall.

Karl added: “We chose walking as it’s something that everyone can do while they are at DMU and it is a low impact exercise which can provide plenty of benefits such as building stamina, burning excess calories and giving a healthier heart.

“We also chose to start the challenge in January as that’s the time when everyone thinks about making plans for the year ahead and getting more exercise so we thought this could help people to do that.”

For more information or to collect a pedometer email