Now that the weather is changing, ponytails are a great style that is reliable enough to stay in place though the high winds and rain. But how can we stylise the classic ponytail look to be ahead of the hair game? This tutorial will show you how to change up your plain pony for a more high fashion look.

What you will need:
Hair grips
Fine tooth comb
A hairband

To start, divide the top section of your hair and backcomb this particular section to add volume. Spritz with hairspray so it will hold in place.

ponytail 1

Then use one or two grips to clip this into place just under your crown.

ponytail 2

After that, gather your hair into a ponytail and tie securely using a hairband on top of where you clipped the top section.
ponytail 3

For a professional finish, take a section of hair from the underside of your ponytail and twist this round to cover the hairband.

ponytail 4

Clip this in place and use some more hairspray to keep it all together.
ponytail 5


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