Everyone loves a classic cartoon, they’re ageless; but can the same be said for clothes? Bright colours and patterns have been a key trend for a lot of the looks to hit the runway this season and now spreading fast along the high street is popularity for carton embroidered clothe sporting popular sayings or catchphrases .

London Brand Lazy-Oaf are the frontrunner’s in introducing the trend to the streets, and in keeping with the playful tone and bright clashing patterns that threaten to brighten the summer season of 2013, this is a playful and interesting twist to make an outfit stand out. A lot of the pieces add a grungy edge as well as versatility to the clothing. Which makes the clothing easy to team up with other items. The diversity of prints available means that the look appeals to a wide target audience and meets with a lot of widespread tastes.


Some have criticised the new collection as being childish and an extreme too far in stretching boundaries of playfulness in clothing, but, kitsch has been on the scene for the past few years, and the variety of classic designs available offers a difference to make an bold statement, or just to change something up a little.

I think this is the beginning of a look that will remain popular though out the summer season and will become the basis of a lot of inspiration and different takes to carry us on through the fall and winter, and maybe even to next year. If you’re interested in taking a look at some of the pieces they’re available online at LazyOaf.co.uk, and New Look and ASOS have begun to showcase a few pieces of the collection, with many other stores offering up their own take on the trend.