For many Arts and Humanities students, courses are demanding portfolios of extra-curricular works and work experience. With the end of the tunnel coming ever closer for final year students, now may be the time to be making sure portfolios are looking exceptionally healthy. Within many creative courses, extra-curricular activity may have the potential to contribute towards final grades, which could make the difference between a 2:1 and a first. Luckily, thanks to the extensive range of societies here at DMU, those extra marks could not be easier to obtain.

For journalism students in particular, involvement within Demon Media can not only boost your potential grade, but it’ll look great on your CV too! However, there are many more ways for you to develop your creative voice, thanks to societies like Tea Break.

Formally known as HerDmu, Tea Break is an online magazine created by students that focusses on all things relating to young people, with their tagline reading ‘Freshly brewed for student minds’. Not dissimilar to the likes of BuzzFeed and Thought Catalog, Tea Break is spunky, fun and completely relatable: the slightly untamed sister of Demon Media. And, better yet, they’re always on the lookout for writers!

As well as looking great on the CV, Tea Break allows writers to gain invaluable journalistic and writing experience.

Anna Landi, Chair of the society, said: “Don’t think what you’re writing is really obscure and no one’s going to read it.”

In fact, in the past, RnB singer Jennifer Hudson happened to come across an article which she then posted and shared via Facebook!

Proving a great way to hone in on your writing talents, all the society ask of you is freshness, creativity and reliability. Requesting just one article a week, based on anything to do with student life/DMU/Leicester, the society is an easy and flexible way to get your voice heard.

Amy Jones, Head of Health and Safety, said: “We want opinions!”

But, don’t be intimidated as support is always on hand. With the exec team collaboratively holding sizable amounts of journalistic experience- being involved in Demon Media and other media projects- members are reassured that they are in safe hands.

At just £6 membership for the year, Tea Break is an invaluable way to get priceless writing experience and meet new people along the way.

But remember, in the words of Chairwoman, Anna Landi: “If you’ve got a deadline, meet it!”

Keep up to date with the society via their twitter page: @teabreakdmu

Or if you don’t fancy writing, but do want a break from studying, get a brew on and head to  for a good old read.