Catalyst Week 4

Hello, music fans!

Where has the week gone?! We’re almost at the end of term, so Catalyst will soon be taking a well-deserved break over Christmas – which is such a shame since the momentum here at Demon Music is really starting to build up!

This week we had a little chat on the phone to platinum selling song writer Jamie Teachenor, from America’s ‘Music City’ Nashville! Be sure to check the interview out when it goes up on our SoundCloud profile.

On Friday we’re taking a trip down the ‘Cookie, to talk to two wonderful musicians – Charlotte Carpenter and Orla Gartland. We’ll be broadcasting those interviews on Catalyst next week, so make sure you tune in!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all itching for some new music. Lucky for you, I’ve got another batch of songs to whet your whistle with!

Same time next week,

Tom & the Catalyst Team 🙂

1. Funeral Suits – ‘All Those Friendly People’

Who doesn’t like friendly people? We do! We at Catalyst are definitely friendly people, so do pop by and say hello to us in the Queens Building! Funeral Suits are a perfect example of the best kind of indie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them nudging into the top 10 soon!

2. Franz Ferdinand – ‘Bullet’

They’re still at it! Scots Franz Ferdinand are back, this time with new single ‘Bullet’ from their forthcoming album. This little lick is going to be a favourite at all the indie clubs for the foreseeable future, but you can check it out first on Catalyst!

3. Rufus – ‘Hold On Me’

This was sent to me labelled as ‘rap’, but it’s not –  not even in its broadest sense. In actual fact, it is a rather sweet, urban soul song. Although a touch repetitive, some of our more urban listeners might get a flash of enjoyment from this one!

4. Hellogoodbye – ‘(Everything Is) Debatable’

There are definitely two sides to Hellogoodbye: the Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! synth heavy, sickeningly sweet (yet glorious) side, and the stripped back , slower Would It Kill You side. Each has its own very distinct sound, but in this new song, Forrest and co have tried to combine the best parts of both. Whether it works or not is still very much open for discussion!

5. Ed Sheeran – ‘I See Fire’

I thought Ed Sheeran had come and gone, butit turns out he was just busy becoming a sensation in America – fair play lad! He’s back, and he’s only gone and landed himself the lead single slot for the new Hobbit film. Side note: the movie is out soon!

6. The Rifles – ‘Minute Mile’

More indie rock for your ears to feast upon! The Rifles have a new album due out in January, and have therefore released ‘Minute Mile’ to give you a taste of what’s to come! The band are very much a staple example in the Indie world, so you’re bound to like it if you see yourself as a bit of an indie kid.

7. Lily Allen – ‘Somewhere Only We Know’

This cover from Lily Allen is so popular among the Catalyst presenters thatthey keep sending it to me over and over again, but it’s already on our playlist! Lily has come back hard this year, and 2014 will see her re-cement herself back into our hearts (and ourears)!

If you have a couple more minutes to spare, why not check out the past week’s other content?