Taking to her Tumblr account, Angel Haze has shared the first track from her forthcoming second album. Telling fans that:

This is one of the first songs I wrote for my new record (also painted the artwork), it feels incredibly personal, but im happy to finally share the passion I’ve felt but couldn’t express i hope it shines thru xx

Previously, Haze’s work has been focused on taking scathing swipes at her troubled past, but it seems her relationship with Ireland Baldwin has given the artist something more positive to focus on and this is evident in this almost ballad, nodding heavily towards artists such as Sia and Alicia Keys.

‘Let the candles burn slow/forever young I wanna be’ this is a far cry from the explicit content we are used to from Angel Haze. But where many artists could have lost their integrity in such progression, Angel Haze has used it to her advantage and shows wisdom beyond her young years.

‘CANDLXS’ leans towards rock n roll stylings whilst still keeping her hip hop spirit, a crossover that makes it a personal highlight so far within Haze’s career. The last I saw of Angel Haze in person was her Glastonbury set last year within which she covered ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith dedicating it to Baldwin, the young rapper clearly has a lot of love to give to her and her fans, and the result is a stellar track that is going to ensure Angel Haze ascends to global superstar status. Definitely one to pay close attention to in 2015.

Angel Haze’s second album is entitled ‘TFABN’ short for Let The Flowers Bloom and will be released later on in the year