There’s only a handful of bands who can manage to pull off a gig at a Leicester working mens club, and luckily Eagulls were one of them. Sulking onto the stage dawned in Liam Gallagher style get up, yet luckily not sporting the cockiness, the five-piece opened with recent single ‘Lemontrees‘, supplying the perfect dosage of life to this drunk-dry venue.

Their eleven-track set was thriving with both new and old tracks, causing new fans of this, albeit small, band to try and form a mosh pit to their favourites, whilst leaving the new comers to experience what all the hype’s about- with tracks like ‘Tough Luck‘ and ‘Nerve Endings‘ posing as the perfect reasoning for said hype.

Despite a lack of interaction between band and crowd, with the only murmurs in between tracks deriving from the black and white film background, there was still room for a final quote before they departed. And what better words than “put the talcum powder down and enjoy your night” to see a gig off.