With four UK number ones, Ariana has been on a roll recently, releasing hit after hit and leading a new generation of strong independent women.

Grande’s new song, ‘7 Rings’ has rocked the charts in 2019, taking the top position for two weeks straight. It was released on YouTube on the 17th January, getting 14.96 million views in just 24 hours. There was quite a lot of expectations for this song, from Grande’s fans and the general public. Everyone was left impatient for a new single after the release of ‘Thank U, Next’, where she made it very clear she is not looking for a man.

This is definitely a milestone in her career, the start of a new chapter. Many criticise Ariana for her new mindset, but as a young woman, I have to applaud her. After Sean, Ricky and Pete she seems finally ready to take a break and look for self-love. This is a great message for all women not be so focused on the idea of needing a man which society has implemented in our heads. There is no shame in being single, especially as a young artist. At 25 years old, Ariana wants to explore, be creative and enjoy her youth. As she says in the song she would ‘Rather be tied up with calls and not strings.’

September onwards was a rough time for Ariana due to the death of her ex-boyfriend and friend Mac Miller. She took a break from writing and social media so no one was expecting such a big comeback. This is also mentioned in the song when she says ‘Been through some bad s*, I should be a sad b*. Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?’ which shows how life got her down but she stood up to all the scandals and rumours and she was strong, turning the hatred and sadness into something productive.

It’s true that this song seems to be all about money but in reality, it’s a way for Ariana to show that she has changed and matured. These past few songs Grande just wants to show her audience how things have changed for her, that she is not depending on men anymore, not financially or emotionally. She has found someone better to love, and ‘her name is Ari.’