Let’s talk about statement bags. There’s nothing wrong with going a bit OTT now and again on your outfits; how else are you going to show off your unique style? But, we are here to tell you how you can go a bit over board, whilst keeping it classy and sophisticated.

Food themed bags are the best; even when they just make you hungry. The strawberry milkshake and picnic basket bags from Accessorize are extremely sweet and unique. Either pastel or monochrome colours will be perfect for this look as they will allow the bright reds to add that extra pop of colour that every outfit needs.

For all of you who are still in that state of over excitement about the new Star Wars Films, (I know I am), then this bag is your dream. There is nothing stopping you from going all out on this BB-8 themed bag. Pairing this with neutral and monochrome colours will help bring out that bright orange statement colour.

Don’t just stop at bags. Purses are ideal to have a subtle piece of your bold personality tucked away with you, without being on display. The small cat and tulip purses are two of my favourite pieces. Whilst the small cat purse keeps to those subtle pastel pink shades which we all need in our lives, the tulip purse goes more bold, making a great statement piece to bring with us into the spring season.