Pop princess turned rebel  Rihanna has released her second collection for River Island as a part of their A/W 2013 collection. Following on from an emerging summer trend of sports lux; the collection has transcended some of RiRi’s own fashionista styling with the layered up look popular for the upcoming season. Think mish-mash of grunge glamour meets sporty chic; combined with Rihanna’s edge.The collection was exclusively revealed online two weeks ago, but won’t be available in stores until the 12th September; with much anticipation for a quick-sell out nationwide. Camo is a particularly eminent theme running throughout, combined with loose denim top jackets, crop tops, baseball jerseys, midi dresses and ankle length fitted cotton skirts that have proved a particular favourite this season.


Though sporting some braver pieces, the collection merges a mix of eclectic tastes into a casual fashion, giving volume to the items, but in a wearable way. The collection has something to offer for everyone, part of the everyday, whilst still providing the same tough girl stand out envisioning of Rihanna’s very own presence – for anyone looking to make a stance in the cold this winter. Long sleeved denim trenches and bomber jackets add a layered effect to complete a look and remind us to wrap up warm for the winter. Many of the pieces carry the trademark logo of ‘RiRi’ clearly branding the pieces, which will be a big selling point of the collection, based on the singer’s well-spread fan base, but more than that I the significance that Rihanna’s own personality does seem very clearly branded within the manufacturing and designs for every piece making up the line.

The overall feel for the line is one of approval, it provides a distinctive voice, where each of the pieces complements and fit one another well, but can still stand alone to be distinctive. The only criticism could be the limited use of colour, made up mainly of khaki and black the line does not offer much freedom with people who may not be supportive of the grungier look, but then again given that the line very much showcases a unified front – perhaps exploration of bolder colour would ruin this.


All in all – both as a fan of the grungier pieces and variety of fashion I’d say this line has a lot to offer and in the very least its worth having a look at online ( ) Besides clothing from Rihanna herself; considered to be an icon outside of just fashion and the music world, this collection is actually surprising in continuing the theme of attitude and rebellion clustered in Rihanna’s own image, but also demonstrating a more relaxed demeanor that broadens the collections audience. I would say the grungier side of these clothes shows the same previous designs in mind that made the first collection so popular and on trend, but has also extended its reach and explored other territories – such as more casual laid back wear – making the pieces more appealing to others beyond just urbanized contemporary adolescents. I’d say this collection shows growth from the first one, in a way still fitting to River Island and more importantly still maintaining the singer’s voice. Which in today’s market is a great achievement within an industry that some would criticize for the monotony of mass production; just with a different label on the front.