SKINCAREI know some of you guys might think that skin care routines and a range of different products used for these routines are very much women-only. But, it’s not unusual for men to look after their skin too! With thicker skin and larger pores, it is even more important for you to look after your skin well. Here are some basic guides and tips to maintain natural looking skin.

Face Wash

A face wash maybe simple enough, but are you using the right products? Soap is a no-go for a face wash. The chemicals in the soap can aggravate your skin, leaving it dry and irritated; so you were better off not washing at all! But, for a cheap but good face wash, try L’Oreal Men Expert’s Hydra Sensitive Face Wash, 150ml for £3.20 from Boots. As well as leaving your skin soft and dry free, the sensitive care will prevent irritation. When used daily, you will be able to see the difference in no time!



Ever had that dry skin feeling when coming out of a hot bath or shower? Well, this is due to the hot water reacting with your skin and opening up pores. By moisturising every day you will help restore the moisture missing from your skin. The Dove Men + Care Moisturiser Hydrate, which is £8.99 for 50ml from Superdrug, will help keep your skin moisturised throughout the day.


Shaving Creams

You may think shaving creams are all the same as they pretty much do the same job; but did you know some contain different formulas to help protect the skin whilst shaving? The Real Shaving Co Traditional Shave Cream, £4.59 from Boots, contains a double concentrated formula that will not only keep your skin moisturised but will also help prevent your skin from any burns or nicks with the razor.


Aftershave Balms

Similarly to shaving creams, aftershaves balms also can now contain a formula that prevents any irritation to your skin. So instead of using an aftershave spray, why not try ‘Kiehl’s Ultimate Men’s After shave Balm and Moisturiser’ For £17.99. By using a minimal amount at a time, this cream will help moisturise and soothes your skin after a shave.


Other products you could look into may be eye creams, lip balm and even face masks, to name just a few!

By Emma Piper