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Sorry we’ve been so pants with our content lately! We on the Demon Music team are exhausted with our university work! Alas, we’re finally starting to clear our to-do lists, so stay tuned for some quality content in the coming weeks!

Already we’re back with another Monday Playlist, more of our favourite songs from the past week! However as the festive period is now very much upon us we’ll be sharing some of our top festive ditties to get you in the mood – keep us in your bookmarks! In the meantime, how are you all enjoying the playlist from our close friends on Demon FM’s Catalyst? Haven’t they brought us some absolute corkers of radar artists?!

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1. ‘It Won’t Stop (feat. Chris Brown)’ – Sevyn Streeter

Sarah Seaton says: “This song is absolutely beautiful. Its a very sweet duet, considering that Sevyn was out there writing for Chris Brown and other popular artists, and now she is writing songs like these. This song is very touching and hosts some amazing harmonies. Make sure that you have a listen.”

2. ‘Story Of My Life’ – One Direction

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “I am rather ashamed of myself for this choice, because I’m really (and I mean really) not a fan of 1D. However this song, I’ll admit, is actually really good. Unlike some of their previous hits which have just been annoyingly catchy, ‘Story Of My Life’ deserves credit for being – lyrically – one of their better songs. With a sound suited to this time of year (it’s all wintery and cute!), it also has a really lovely music video!”

3. ‘Hand On Heart’ – Olly Murs

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “Olly is very much another of my guilty pleasure artists, but who can resist his cheeky charm? This week he seems to have been on every late-night chat show going, so he’s very much back at the fore of my listening for the foreseeable. ‘Hand On Heart’ is his latest single,  released ahead  of the deluxe edition release of his latest record, Right Place Right Time. This is a terrific and gentle ballad, that strips away the cheeky factor and ups Olly’s gentleman factor.”

4. ‘Do What U Want (feat. R Kelly)’ – Lady Gaga

Sarah says: “This duet between Lady Gaga and the legendary R.Kelly is both funky and soulful. It’s the perfect pop song, with an air of ‘cute’ about it. Definitely one of the best tracks on Gaga’s latest record, ARTPOP.”

5. ‘Something I Need’ – OneRepublic

Tom Elliott (@TomElliottUK) says: “Sometimes you need a song like this, and often they come around when you need them. This song by OneRepublic is exactly that for me right now. It’s a powerful and emotive track, with a great message behind it. In all honesty, I thought OneRepublic had disappeared for good but right now, I’m rather glad they didn’t!”

6. ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ – Nirvana

Alex Underwood (@broadcasteralex) says: “This is an incredibly raw and powerful rendition of this song; so much so that I thought that it was one of Cobain’s own. In actual fact, it is a very old blues song that has also been known as ‘In the Pines’ and ‘Black Girl’, since its inception in the 1870s. Other notable recordings have been made by Leadbelly in the 40s, and The Four Pennies (who made a UK hit of it) in the 60s. This is certainly a song with more history than most.”

7. ‘Shoot The Runner’ – Kasabian

Nicola says: “I usually go to many-a-gig each year, but 2013 has been somewhat lacking for me as all of my favourite bands have gone into hiding. 2014 however, seems to be a very different story so far! After my excitement at the McBusted tour announcement a few weeks back, Leicester lads Kasabian have announced a huge homecoming gig for June, in the city’s Victoria Park. Having seen them perform to a home crowd at the O2 Leicester as part of the Radio 1 Student Tour during my first year at DMU (after queueing from 5am at the box office for tickets), I had to get tickets to the gig. In a way, it’s brought my uni career full-circle. ‘Shoot The Runner’ – from the album Empire – is one of my favourites in the quartet’s live sets, as it always gets the crowd bouncing and chanting along; me included!”

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