Autumn is right round the corner now so we need to get ourselves wrapped up and ready to face the bitter winds that the UK has in store for us this time. But there is no need to turn out the winter coats just yet! Demon are here to tell you how you can transition your new season’s wardrobe in style.

Fall 1Fall 2


Outfit 1                                                                                                                                Outfit 2

Dress – £49, Urban Outfitters                                                                                  Jumper – £20, Forever21

Boots – £42, Next                                                                                                        Trousers – £30, Missguided

Jacket – £29.99, H&M                                                                                                 Boots – £45, Quiz

Ladies, there are so many possible transition pieces to choose from that it is too hard to name them all. Anything from a warm blanket wrap to a comfortable thigh neck jumper ought to do the trick!  The two outfits that I selected shows that you can keep that summer dress out for a while longer as you pair this with a thick pair of tight, ankle boots and a leather jacket for the perfect autumn wear. The other outfit contains this season’s hottest trend, the knee high boot. These boots are incredible warm and practical; perfect to match with jeans or legging.

Fall 3Fall 4

Outfit 3                                                                                                                                Outfit 4

Jumper – £20, Animal                                                                                               Jacket – £39.99, H&M

Chinos – £17.50, Burton                                                                                             T-Shirt – £4, Matalan

Boots – £25, George                                                                                                   Trousers – £20, BooHoo

.                                                                                                                                        Shoes – £28, BHS

For you guys, a jumper or bomber jacket are perfect transitional pieces. Not only are they lightweight and warm, these are two of the most common pieces on the high street- meaning there is a high chance that you can find the perfect piece for you. Furthermore, you can never go wrong with a staple pair of black jeans or chinos because they go with anything!

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Illustrations by Emma Piper