De Montfort Students’ Union have launched a project, called DSU Revamp to get opinions from students on how to spend £3 million.

As part of DMU’s campus redevelopment project, DSU has been allocated £3 million to improve the students’ union.

Adele Clarke, Marketing Manager at De Montfort Students’ Union, said: “DSU revamp is all about raising awareness of the fact that we have £3 million to invest into the SU building and we want to find out what our students want from their students’ union.

“This is right at the beginning of the project, we are getting people’s opinions and we plan for work to take place in summer 2016 before the new term starts.

The #DSURevamp event took place on Tuesday, October 21 where DSU staff were serving free candy floss to each student who filled out a flyer giving their opinions on how the money should be spent.

Adele added: “We have had a really positive reaction so far, it’s really good to get everybody’s opinions.

“The university and DSU are dedicated to making every student’s time here as positive as possible.”

The event also included a live artist and the chance to win £100 in the #DSURevamp Selfie competition

A few suggestions from students for ways to improve the campus centre included charging points and improvements to the night club.

Denise Leles, a first year energy and industrial sustainability student, said: “I would like there to be more on offer for international students.”

Renata Santos, also a first year energy and industrial sustainability student, said: “I would like to see a new restaurant with cheaper prices for students because we spend all our time here.”

Joel Mann, a third year product design student, said he wants: “More rooms and greater diversity so that more people can come in and take advantage of the spaces.”

To share your opinions on how the students’ union could be improved, visit