Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.48.43Day 4 has some seriously big names ahead. From the likes of Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane, Roksanda and many more, London Fashion Week is seeing the height of talent as you would expect.

Where do we start? From the top as usual…

The only way to describe Burberry Prorsum’s AW15-16 collection is 70s madness. We expected the rush of retro fashion after Paris Fashion Week primarily, but Christopher Bailey’s take on it was spectacular.

After only a year of being in the creative director’s seat, Bailey premiered a collection called ‘Patchwork, Pattern and Prints’, which does what it says on the tin, really. The hippy-esque theme is encapsulating but done in a way that isn’t a direct parallel to days gone. Instead, the modern woman take on it was more refreshing than replayed. Bright tones that match hues of September and October flowed through the collection, and created a collection that was every power woman’s dream.



Speaking of power women, Osman’s AW15-16 collection is made for the strong woman of today. The brightness of the red and white contrasting with an intense black created a collection that is smoother than silk and fresher than Winter air.

The lucidity of the white’s in Osman’s collection is snow-like, angelic and pristine but not innocent. The shapes of the pieces are strong and perfect for some of the celebrity events happening later this year. Similarly, Osman brings forward a vibrant red to contrast the black and white and add a pop of brightness that can often be missed in Autumnal and Wintery fashion.



GILES’ AW15-16 is a powerhouse of style for the modern woman. With outlandish styles and patterns, the GILES collection is great.

The mix of contrasting patterns through various pieces and dresses in the GILES collection is interesting, it proves that this particular season has an air of versatility and flexibility in it. But they’re not simple – oh no – they’re intricate, complicated and interesting, making for a great, modern Autumn/Winter collection.



Last Summer, I did an internship at Roksanda, and had a soft spot for her style and creativity since. Belgrade-born designer, Roksanda, knows how to create the perfect clothes for women that are feminine, modern and vivid.

So it wouldn’t come to a surprise to know that her AW15-16 collection is not anything less than that – perfect. The luxury and fluidity in colour combinations and patterns in this particular collection is, again, resembling to the era of the 60s and 70s – bright patterns, bold curves and killer contouring to flatter any woman who loves a bit of Roksanda here and there.