In a world where fashion changes as dramatically as the English weather, it’s hard to keep up with the more interesting sides of fashion that we might not see in places like Topshop, H&M and other high street retailers.

The combination of fashion and technology would once be seen as the ‘chalk-and-cheese’ of the world of arts – but not any more! The lines between the two are being blurred on a daily basis with the notion that we can Instagram our outfits and view others with the handy #ootd tag, blog about our recent purchases and ‘hauls’, and upload our daily beauty regime to YouTube for the world to see.

But this isn’t the only way that fashion is being bombarded with technology and media. At his recent show for the ever-incredible London Fashion Week, Richard Nicoll showed the world just how to mix fashion and technology with his fibre optic infused dresses.

Susie Bubble called his collection ‘a collab with Tinkerbell’ in her trend report for Dazed and Confused magazine, because of his finale piece. But who was really behind this modern creation?

It was Studio XO who is known for their crossbreeding of science, technology and fashion. The company specialise in creating “interactive wearable experiences at the crossroads of physical-digital media.”

As a media student and fashion lover, the work that Studio XO produce seems to be right up my street! We’ve seen the almost cringe-worthy ‘selfie stick’ and now a ‘selfie hat’, but Studio XO are beginning to really cross boundaries with fashion and media, shown by this incredibly ethereal and beautiful Richard Nicolls dress.


Other examples of their work include dresses made for Queen of an innovative style: Lady Gaga, called Volantis, which is a flying dress that includes 12 electric motor-driven rotors, and Anemone, a dress that actually blows bubbles. Where can I get one?

The interesting thing that I love about Studio XO is that they aim to intrigue, literally forcing the ‘wows’ out of fashion lovers all around the world. Whether it is making dresses for Lady Gaga or collaborating with Richard Nicoll for a more understated piece, Studio XO are officially the pioneers in mixing technology and fashion.