Hello fashion friends and a very warm welcome to 2014! So we’re all back in Leicester, back to uni and back to work. Yes, it may all seem doom and gloom as we enter the New Year but thankfully the men’s footwear trends for this year are something to smile about. Now I know what you’re thinking, shoes are pricey, especially if they’re going to be of good quality so they don’t fall apart the first time you take them on a night out. But with this year’s trends and options, style meets practicality for an irresistible and irreplaceable purchase.

Colour blocking

shoe lookbook 3


Let’s kick off with a personal favourite of mine, colour blocked footwear. Patterning has definitely played a large role in male fashion to steer away from the natural and safe colours of autumn and winter. Wisely associated with smart and stylish attire, the colour blocked shoe can also find its place in your spring and summer wardrobe. Mixing well with a pair of short chino shorts and are able to be worn sockless. So I’d grab some while you can and hold onto them for the year, remaining bang on trend as I’m sure so many of you are!

shoe 1 shoe 2

The sports trainer

shoe lookbook 1

Next we have a piece of footwear that is definitely a popular choice in this current season, the standard sports trainer. I find that ever since 2012, the Olympic spirit has been rubbing off on its audiences, hence the development of these nifty and comfy trainers. The trainer has evolved from a bland yet practical item of footwear to become more stylish and flexible to be pared with almost any look. From loungewear and trackies to formal suit to create a unique smart/casual style, the trainer is perhaps the most versatile piece of footwear for the male student. High-tops also apply to this category. They are a personal favourite of mine and I refuse to have them overlooked this season.

shoe 3shoe 4

The hiking boot

shoe lookbook 2

Look out the window. I bet you any money this winter it’s absolutely bucketing it down, especially here in Leicester! So look no further than the practical hiking boot. Conventionally footwear with a sturdy and resilient disposition, the hiking boot has finally found its place among mainstream fashion this autumn and winter and can only expand in popularity as 2014 progresses. The hiking boot is the perfect balance of style and practicality, making them the must have for any gents wardrobe this remaining winter. Again, like the sports trainer, what brings these bad boys into mainstream fashion is the combination of different outfits to accompany them. Pairing them with formal attire for example, places a new twist on an otherwise ‘outdoorsy’ piece of footwear.

shoe 5 shoe 6

So there you have three footwear trends set to become increasing in popularity this 2014. All can be found at student friendly prices in high street retailers. From Topman to All Saints and from Primark to Zara, there’s no excuse to pick up a fetching pair of shoes this year. So which one is your favourite?