Put on your headphones and let’s travel back in time to the 1980s to remind ourselves of some of the best beauty trends of that decade.

For me, the 80’s were by far the best years for vibrant colours and bold looks. Although I wasn’t around during this time, I can go back and appreciate individuals such as Cyndi Lauper, who not only pop-rocked the scene with her fabulous tunes, but also began her own trend with the mad hair, bright eye shadows and blush, which were so mix and match. In comparison to the likes of Diana Ross who chose to stick with bold eyes, with dark shades and thick black eyeliner – a completely distinctive look. Diana still chose the mad up-do as the 80’s were a time to let your hair down, or up, more like.

Women weren’t the only ones showing off their crazy looks though. Remind yourself of some of the icons, such as the legendary David Bowie and the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Bowie wowed his fans with his ‘out-there’ looks and multicoloured palette of clothing and stage makeup. Yes, if you haven’t already noticed… Men did wear makeup too, and Bowie truly made an impact with his. Known for the iconic lightning bolt painted across his face, he caused havoc on the music scene with his courage and bravery as an artist.

Michael Jackson. Need I say more? King of pop and king of that hairstyle that he rocked for years. It wasn’t as large and out-there as other artists’ sharing the light at that time, but his curly black locks truly did melt a few hearts back in the day. He wore a simple charcoal liner around his eyes, once again challenging the gender stereotypes.

To wrap this all up, need I repeat the fact that the 80s were the best years to really go to town with your appearance. Vibrant colours in a bright mix and match palette and majestically crazy hair… What more can I say?

A perfect time to have been alive – sadly I wasn’t.