The most prestigious music awards require two things: great nominees, but also great clothes. Like any other ‘party’ of that sort, the ‘hot’ and ‘not’ outfit choices of celebrities pour out into the web the next day – for us to judge and get inspired.

Here are the neither worst nor best dressed from this year’s Grammy Awards red carpet  – as usual, a fair mix of the crazies, the classics and the braves that stood out from the multitude of famous bodies.

I think all of us take a deep breath each time Lady Gaga makes an appearance, as this woman knows controversy and extravagance like no other. However, her flamboyant fashion tribute to Bowie, naturally tweaked to meet Ziggy Stardust somewhere in the middle, was a touching, brave gesture – more of that, less of wearing steak please.

This motley parrot you see in the middle isn’t, believe it or not, Anna Wintour 20 years younger, but the singer that has been on the mouth of the whole show business lately – Taylor Swift certainly provided a shocker with both her speech and this unique two- piece. Revealing, yet not overtly sexy, bright but not tacky – let’s just admit, this girl nailed it. We all need this skirt now for our sassy peacock moments, don’t we?

Trousers worn by high-heeled specimens is an evolving trend on the red carpet that we support all the way – suits and jumpsuits can be fierce, sexy and very flattering when tailored properly. This number here, worn by the beautiful Kayley Cuoco , combined that Saturday Night’s Fever influence with a lot of good taste. It looks so good, it makes us wonder why is it still in minority? Girls, hop into pants!

Next on the plate is ever so gorgeous and classy Adele, who has proved many times that black does not necessary mean boring. Mini slits on the shoulders, a bit of a bling and a perfectly cinched waist are the evidence of Adele’s timeless elegance and the not so common ability to dress for the body type. We are loving the lob too!

How to a wear a 70’s field festival-style frock with DIY looking appliques so it’s Grammy- appropriate? That’s a mystery that only Florence Welch can solve. To see, among all of the trend-driven stylist choices, someone who comes clearly from a different planet yet still looks absolutely fabulous is in a way refreshing, as well as inspirational for the upcoming festival season.

Who was your best dressed this year, and who turned out to be a bit disappointing fashion wise? Let us know!