zoella-01Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella, has influenced the fashion and beauty industry online. Now it is 2015, we can all celebrate her 5 year anniversary, so let’s take some time to appreciate what she has done for us.

There is so much we could say about Zoe that an essay could be written. But, why don’t we start off with her blog tagline. ‘Thoughts. Fashion. Beauty’. This pretty much sums up everything that Zoe has taught us in the past 5 years. From starting off on YouTube with her ’60 things in my bedroom’ vlog 5 years ago, she is now one of the most viewed people on YouTube for fashion as well as having her own beauty and book launch. She has turned into an inspiration to all of her fans to what you could achieve in your life in a small amount of time.

Her adorable down-to-earth persona makes her relatable to anyone – this is why we love her so much! She is one of those YouTube personalities that you can just go to if you want to hear some helpful advice, or need a good laugh. She is one who does not hold back; if she is having a bad day and feeling like it is getting too much, then she will tell us as if we were her friends rather than viewers.

But we love Zoe most for her relatable beauty and fashion advice. She talks about products hat can be found online or on the high street for a reasonable price, rather than talking about high end products that are out of our price range. Her tutorials have influenced many of her viewers to show how to have a variety in your wardrobe and how it is always healthy to have a clear out now and then.

Zoella's Beauty Range, available from Superdrug

Zoella’s Beauty Range, available from Superdrug

The most important lesson she has taught anyone is to look after yourself. We have seen, especially in the past year, that she has taken time out from YouTube and making videos as she knew it was becoming too much, and of course we don’t hate her for this! It shows that we can all have control over our own lives and we shouldn’t be forced into situations to become liked by others. This is why Zoe is not just an inspiration, but also someone that we should aspire to be like.


Use the hashtag #Happy5YearsZoe, to show your appreciation and love of her work.