What can I say, girls? This is the best place to go for anything beauty related. The whole top floor is a beauty central and I felt that nothing was too much trouble for them. They have a range of different treatments
available which include: nails, hair, eyebrow bar, ear piercing, nose piercing and they even have a nurse’s clinic that provides health advice!

When I first entered the salon, I was greeted by a wonderfully cheery member of staff called Alistair. He offered us drinks whilst we waited for our treatments and he really made us feel welcome. As myself and my
colleague admired the beauty salon, I felt much like a child in a candy store… I wanted to try everything. The manager of the beauty salon, Kerry, greeted us and welcomed us to ask any questions that we may have throughout our treatment. I had booked to get my hair cut and blow dried and I always get nervous the night before getting my hair done.
I have the inner turmoil that I think most women get. ‘What if they cut it wrong?’ ‘What if they cut it too short?’ And it’s safe to say that this time was no exception. However, when I was greeted by a lady named
Nicole who was going to be cutting my hair, she understood my hesitation and instantly made me feel at ease. Nicole told me that she had been working there a little over a year and I could tell she had a passion for her
work. I told her what style I was thinking of and I felt like she got what I wanted.

The treatment was as follows:

Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Conditioner: It is a super light shampoo that gives the hair more strength and is nourishing for the scalp (yes, I asked!)

Superstar Queen for a Day Spray: This is sprayed onto the roots so that it stops the hair sitting flat (I have seen the results first hand and would strongly recommend it!)

My hair was then cut, and Nicole was super patient whilst I was indecisive about how short I wanted my hair and how I wanted it styled. She was really chatty and friendly and there were no awkward silences which were
great. We had a chat about how to style my hair and how to curl the back of my hair (the holy grail of hair styling).

After Party Soothing Lotion: this smells amazing and leaves hair feeling really soft and silky.

Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray: this hairspray is really good at holding curls (the next morning I still had curls even on the side that I had been sleeping on!)

I shall end this review by saying that this was the best hair experience I have ever had, without a doubt. I will definitely be going there for everything beauty related in the future! My colleague and I were so overwhelmed with the service, we actually forgot our coats and had to go back for them!