Bright yellow nails can always be a challenge. Sometimes it is too bright and garish, and other times it doesn’t give you that subtle pop of colour that you need. So why not add more colours into the mix.

Adding a natural grey can help rein back that vivid colour into something much more sophisticated and modern. The, contrasting this with a dominant black strip helps to bring the whole design together – Here’s how we did it.


For this tutorial we used:

Barry M Base & Top Coat

Ciaté – Big Yellow Taxi

Ciaté  – Sharp Tailoring

Rio Professional Nail Art – Black

Masking Tape



  1. Firstly a base coat was applied to prevent damage on the nails
  2. Then, strips of masking tape was firmly applied in a straight line across the top of the nail.
  3. A coat of the yellow and grey polish was painted on, using the grey for the accent colour on the ring finger. Note – the yellow may need one or two extra coats.
  4. Once the polish was dry, the masking tape was removed and the colours were reversed and applied for the top of the nails.
  5. Finally, the nail art brush was used to create the statement black stripe.

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Design and photography by Emma Piper