O2 Academy Birmingham


Halsey returned to the UK this month to bring us the ‘Badlands Tour’ and she didn’t disappoint. Opening the show with ‘Gasoline‘, a fan-favourite from debut album Badlands, sent the crowd crazy as everyone started chanting the lyrics together, somewhat in awe, as she entered on stage.

Halsey then went on to perform one of her most recognisable tracks from the Badlands album, ‘Colors‘. As she momentarily left the stage, the band consisted of just solemn a solemn drummer and keyboardist, who began playing the intro. During the bridge of ‘Colors‘ Halsey stopped and allowed the audience to sing, creating such energy and crowd-artist interaction.

She continued to perform a selection of songs from Badlands, but decided to stop and revisit a song from her EP Room 94, this taking form of track, ‘Is There Somewhere‘. During her performance of this song Halsey entered the crowd allowing the barrier between a performer and the audience to disappear, literally, resulting in a more personal feel to the song as we all sung along.

Personal highlights from the gig have to be the performances of ‘Ghost‘ and ‘New Americana‘.  When singing ‘Ghost’ Halsey allowed the crowd to sing the first part of the song acoustically, joining in at the chorus once her stage band began to play.  She finished with an encore of ‘Young God‘, which was a perfect choice to end such a gig.