With the DMA’s this Friday (Demon Media Awards) I thought it was about time I talk about occasion wear. Summer is not only the time for shorts and sandals but also with it comes events such as weddings and formal events which demand us to in the words of Barney Stinson Suit up. The same goes for you girls.

Because events such as the DMA’s, and weddings that require us to smarten up don’t come around that often (unless you’re part of the social elite) it is always good to invest in key pieces to look your best when such events call for it.

The Dress:

What I love about women’s fashion is that unlike men, women have more freedom and variety of choice when it comes to putting together an outfit. This is especially true when choosing an outfit for special occasions. Where the staple item is the dress, the outfit does not stop there. The popular choice has to be the little black dress.

Black dress:

The black dress is one of those items which every woman owns. It is effortless and a blank canvas which allows room for individuality and for each woman to put their own stamp on it. Depending on your shape there are various styles from bodycon to maxi. Below are two ideas to give you inspiration.

Look one:

bodycon dress topshopclutch 2heels

Look two:

RI dress 2shoescluch 3

The alternative:

Where the black dress is a classic option for special occasions, it won’t necessarily set you out against the crowd. First thing you need to consider is the event itself. How formal is it? From weddings to a day out to the races each event will require a slightly different dress code.  With it being summer there is even more variety, as hopefully the sun will once again show and so summer dresses can come out and play. Your purses don’t have to suffer either girls, with high street brands showcasing graphic printed dresses to the usual floral dresses you will be spoilt for choice.

coral dresstribal dressfloral dress


This is where you girls have the most fun. With so many accessories to choose from, too much can be far too much, especially for a smart formal outfit. If your dress is plain or in colour block form then you can experiment far more. If you do opt for a printed dress then keep the accessories to a minimal to create the perfect formal outfit.  The same applies for shoes and bags. A pair of heels or this seasons summer favourite strapped sandals to complete your look.

necklace RINude heelsbraclet topshop

So there you have it my guide to formal wear- from the classic to the graphic and printed.

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