CaptureA US fashion label has sparked controversy after releasing a ‘peasant’ dress on sale for $375 (£250).

The dress was first brought to the internet’s attention when a Reddit user, took offence with poverty being exploited in the name of fashion. As well as the obscene price it costs to look poor.

New-York fashion based label 6397, describes itself as providing ‘style response to the needs of modern women’ and has not made a statement in reply.

One user commented; ‘It costs a lot of money to look “just homeless enough” for Coachella or Bumbershoot.’

Many drew parallels with Urban Outfitters the chain store, which sell simple clothing for very high prices. In their mission statement they describe their target audience as “upscale homeless”

This is not the first time poverty has been an inspiration for fashion. Back in 2011 Vivienne Westwood released a collection called ‘homeless chic.’

The top rated comment on the page read; “She looks like a mental patient from a movie.”


Some users were not afraid to mince their words on the subject stating; “or that money I could hire someone to beat up a real peasant and take his/ her clothes, and then it would be an authentic oppressed peasant shirt.” Similarly, they saw the similarities between the dress and pre-ripped jeans. They said “Not to sound too much like the parent who says, “Who pays for jeans with holes in them?”…but…who pays $400 for a stretched out shirt?”

The term ‘peasant dress’ is not new, however, the term is used commonly to describe loose fitting dresses often with buttons down the front and an elasticated waist.

There are plenty of “peasant dresses” in UK shops such as ASOS, which cost around £120. Then there are others which cost considerably more such as Saint Laurent’s which is on sale for £2,300.

One comment put it simply with; “It’s a goddamn hospital gown.”