With the DMA’s this Friday (Demon Media Awards) I thought it was about time I talk about occasion wear. Summer is not only the time for shorts and sandals but also with it comes events such as weddings and formal events which demand us to in the words of Barney Stinson Suit up. The same goes for you girls.

Because events such as the DMA’s, and weddings, that require us to smarten up don’t come around that often (unless you’re part of the social elite) it is always good to invest in key pieces to look your best when such events call for it.

Occasion wear for men is perhaps more straight forward than it is for women.  The usual and in fact the only option for men when it comes to formal attire is a suit. With there now being a wide option of styles and colours of suits, the opportunity to stand out and stray from the boring black suit with a white shirt and black tie, is bigger than ever.

First is first… the suit:

If you do not have a suit in your wardrobe or are thinking of buying a new one for your summer wardrobe then here are a few simple rules to consider when doing so:

  1. Style/fit – Unless you were to have your suit custom made a few years ago there was only really one fit of suit available. Nowadays there are various fits from skinny – tailored.  The fit is perhaps the most crucial element when buying a suit. You need to make sure that it is not too baggy or too tight. When deciding on the fit it is best to go for a style which is fitting to your body, so to accentuate your silhouette.
  2. Colour – Where the black suit is a timeless classic and WILL NEVER go out of fashion, when it comes to events such as weddings for example, it is always good to stand out from the crowd. High street brands such as Topman and Next offer a range of suits in colours from burgundy to dark green, giving you that edge and forcing you to stand out.
  3. The three piece – The waistcoat is finally making its comeback to formal attire. Where some view it as an unnecessary part to a suit, I, like many others, view it as an essential piece which will add that extra class to your outfit.
  4. Quality – Even though we are students and with it comes a lack of funds, a suit is an investment and worth paying that bit extra.

T Suit 1next red suitNext green

The shirt:

Like the black suit a crisp white shirt is a classic element to any formal outfit. However, with it being summer and the time of formal events, it is the perfect chance to be bold and explore your options.  Depending on the colour of your suit, the shirt should complement but not over power the suit. Go for a plain coloured shirt such as light blue or a fine pin stripped one; or if you want to play it safe a crisp white shirt, with perhaps black contrasting buttons is for you.

white shirtriver island shirtBurton shirt


From ties to shoes there are loads of ways to accessories a suit. Once you have the suit and shirt, the next step is the tie. Bow tie or tie? Bow ties are becoming more popular and varied in different colours and patterns. If you choose a normal tie then skinny is the best option, creating an overall smarter look. Also pocket squares and the geek favourite; braces are also a good way to add individuality to a suit. A pair of black leather shoes or brown brogues will complete your formal attire.

office shoetopman shoes

bow tie 1pocket sq




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