The Demon Media Awards drawing close, so its time to take a look at which style you will take with you to the event. Whether you want to go all out in your best dress, or take a more casual approach there is something here for everyone.

Dress – £28

Shoes – £38

Clutch – £65

Necklace – £45

Lipstick – £17

The little black dress is classic for any event. Pairing this with some nude accessories allows the main focus to be on the dress, and the necklace give that little extra hint of glamour and sophistication. If you are feeling a bit more edgy, then why not apply a dark lip. This colour works perfectly against the monochrome and natural coloured tones.

Skirt – £35

Crop – £17.99

Shoes – £19.39

Clutch – £15

Eye Palette – £33

The white midi skirt and crop top combination never gets old. Using the nude colouring in the crop on the accessories allows the outfit to work together as a whole and isn’t too daring. By choosing a 5 colour shadow palette with natural tones means that you can apply this to your own preference and it will still work with the look.

Not a dress person? Then why not opt for some trousers or even a jumpsuit. Not wearing a dress doesn’t mean that you are not fully dressed for the occasion, there are many ways to make this look your own.

Jumpsuit – £48

Shoes – £37.95

Watch – £26

Clutch – £35

If you would like your outfit to be more casual, then why not invest in a jumpsuit. The wide range of colour and pattern choice means that you can find the right style for you. Stripes are perfect for making you look taller, especially when you match them with some chunky heels. By adding matching coloured watch, shoes and clutch helps make the accessories pop against the jumpsuit.


Leggings – £25

Blouse – £32

Clutch – £59

Shoes – £21.61

Earrings – £3

One of my favourite looks is the high waisted black leggings with this bright orange wrap blouse. Pairing this with some blue accent colours in the accessories is something which everyone should try. These daring contrasting colours of orange and blue work harmoniously together, making sure every part of our outfit stands out.