Denim Daze



It seems like that this year is the year 90’s fashion trends are making a comeback.  Surely the thought of wearing long sleeved crop tops and old school Nike trainers was a thing of the past? But no, this season it’s all coming back, with a vengeance.

Some of us are embracing the old 90’s trends, by plastering our walls with pictures of Alicia Silverstone in her Clueless days and the entire cast of the Fresh Price of Bel Air. If there is one thing that is making this retro comeback stronger than ever – it is the oh-so-90’s staple item: dungarees.

Whether they are in the short or long leg form, dungarees are making their way back to some of our favourite high street stores; Topshop, River Island and Zara. However, there is one relatively new brand which specialise in reworking denim pieces like dungarees and jackets, which makes the comeback cooler than before. Their name –WAISTE.

Sara Thomas the creator of WAISTE spends most of her days customising her wardrobe into a psychedelic array of crop tops, paisley kimonos and check skirts. Last year she took her hobby and blog ( and turned it into her dream job; giving people everywhere the chance to get an awesome customised jacket.

Last month, Sara customised a truck load of dungarees perfect for the upcoming summer. From patterns and decorations that range from her favourite paisley print to daisies and hearts, you are sure to find your ideal pair of dungarees or denim jacket.

Team any dungarees with a pretty crochet or lace top, another of this seasons promising trends, or even merchandise t-shirts from your favourite band and you’re on your way to a perfect 90’s-themed outfit. All you need now is your scuffed pair of Dr.Martens and overly practiced “as if!” to fit the part.

Check out to see the entire Look Book and collection that will have you drooling and your fingers scrambling for your debit card!