Are you willing to take a day off and do something for yourself? I got away from my fast-paced life for a Sunday and I felt accomplished.

As a little girl I used to always ask my grandmother to paint my nails, but as I grew up I lost interest in what is one of the most desired beauty treatments amongst women and men. Until now, I have never understood the craze for having beautiful nails. I had always thought it was something for feminine girls or people who have too much free time, but I have realised it can be an escape for a lot of people. Here is the review on my first manicure.

I had the opportunity to get my nails done at Superdrug at Fosse Park. As I walked into the shop, I was in beauty heaven. Last month Superdrug Fosse Park celebrated its first anniversary, with over 22,000 treatments taking place in the Beauty Studio since doors opened in January 2018.
The ground floor is full of products from a range of amazing brands. As I was early for my appointment, I decided to browse and ended up falling in love with the Chocolate Orange Eye Shadow Palette by I Heart Revolution. The shop was pretty organised and even the make-up testers were in great quality – which usually doesn’t happen. I was quite impressed with the number of products Superdrug has to offer, from hair to make-up to even medicine and weight loss shakes.

I walked upstairs and was immediately greeted by one of the members of staff who proceeded to ask my name and once he confirmed I was booked, offered me a cup of tea or coffee. He told me to wait a few minutes as he was going to let the manager know I had arrived. She came quite quickly and greeted me kindly. I was then escorted to the manicure area of the beauty salon. Everything was super tidy, as expected. She brought me the colour samples and assured me someone would be with me soon. My cup of tea arrived shortly after that. I felt like royalty. Is this what people feel like every month when they do their nails? If so, sign me up!

The colour samples were beautiful, but I had brought an idea in mind. Cerys sat down in front of me, introducing herself. She sprayed her hands and mine with a disinfectant, or so I believe. She asked me if I had picked a colour and I showed her the design I had saved in my gallery. In my head, I thought it could possibly be too much to ask, but she took on the challenge and brought the colours. Cerys made it very clear that the whole process was my choice, from the shape of the nails to the colour and design which made me much more comfortable.

She started by filing my nails into a half rounded half squared shape, as I had requested. She used an emery board nail filer first to create the shape and then a buffing block to finish the process. To my right, there was a nail dryer where I would put my hand one at a time after she applied the ORLY nail primer. Prior to this, all this process was unknown to me. I had never realised how much you have to do for it look perfect. Priming your nails is quite important as it helps a product adhere to the nail and stay flawless for longer.

After this, it was time to apply the colours. I chose black and white because they can be quite subtle and due to being neutral shades they will suit every outfit. This took quite a while because she had to apply a couple of layers to each nail. In the end, the colours turned out to have a beautiful opaque finish. The moment I was looking for finally came – it was time to design. She grabbed a very thin brush in order to create the lines I had asked for. I gave her freedom in terms of how the lines would go and she let her creativity guide her. After a few more minutes of drawing lines and drying the nail polish, she completed the design. It looked amazing, just like I imagined. I immediately felt on top of the world. My nails totally reflect my personality!

She then applied a top coat and, as it was drying, advised me on the removal of this polish. She confessed it’s always safer to do it in the beauty salon because you can easily harm your nails by doing it yourself for the first time. It’s a long process where you have to soak your nails in acetone and wrap them in foil for about 20 minutes and then carefully remove the gel. In my opinion, I would rather pay a few pounds and get it removed safely so that’s what I am going to do in three weeks.
Overall, having a manicure at Superdrug Fosse Park was an amazing experience. I totally recommend their beauty salon due to the welcoming staff, the great location, the number of treatments available, the value for money and the range of products available to purchase.