Pop Art  7Have you ever wanted a simple nail design which really looks like you made the effort? Then why not try this look, which will make your nails really ‘pop’.

For this tutorial I used:

  • Rio Professional Nail Art – Black
  • Ciaté – Amazing Grace
  • Ciaté – Big Yellow Taxi
  • Revolution – You Need Love
  • Miss Sporty Base and top Coat
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors

1. To start off your new look, you will need to apply a base coat to protect your nails.

2. Then, paint one or two coats of Amazing Grace to cover your nails.
Pop Art  1

3. When your nails are completely dry, cut strips of masking tape and stick them diagonally across the top of each nail.

Pop Art  2

4. Then, paint the You Need Love polish over the top section of the nail

Pop Art  4

5. Once dry, apply black dots over the top section.

Pop Art  5

6. After that, paint a black line to separate the two sections up.

Pop Art  6

7. Finally, apply a top coat to protect the design.

Pop Art  7

To make this design more desirable, why not have alternate colour on your nails like yellow with black dots? Or, more adventurously, a different colour for each nail? With this wide variety of choices, there is no reason not to try out this design!

 Have you tried this technique? Tell us here using @Demonfashion.