Until 2014, Germany played host to a gaming competition that sees League of Legends players from all over the globe compete to win a $250,000 stake. After passing the baton on to Poland, The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship (IEMs), as the competition is known, will be met by DMU’s very on League of Legends society.

The gaming event is set to take place in March, whereby members of the society will travel to the city of Katowice to attend the popular event. Only the best and most popular teams from around the world are invited to compete, and a lucky few DMU students will be within that exclusive crowd.

Tom Underwood, a society member, said: “The World Championship in March is the conclusion of the season and a major event on the competitive calendar for League of Legends.

“It’s something a lot of our members have taken an interest in.”

Owing to the arduousness of administrating international excursions, spaces on the trip are limited. As a result, tickets will only be available to League of Legends society members, so it is important to get those snapped up quick!

With the demand proving to be high within the society, the annual event is set to be a staple in the society’s social calendar every year.

As well as enjoying the championships, the select few will be visiting landmark sites within Poland, including an excursion to Auschwitz.

Tom said: “We had members interested in visiting Auschwitz and thought it would be a more sombre note and something to contrast the actual [gaming] event.”

Closer to home, the society have a lot to look forward to for the remainder of the academic year. The group often meet on Thursday evenings, where they are invited to the Game Developments Labs to enjoy the game in a more social setting. As well as this, LoL society regularly take part in the National University eSports League, which sees 10 teams from DMU competing against up to 350 teams from around the country.

The group also meet every Friday at Riley’s sports bar, where the enjoy games of pool and darts before heading to the nightclub, Mosh.

If you’re wondering why you still haven’t signed up to be a part of the fun and games, luckily, students are always welcome to join the society. This may be done via the DSU website at any point throughout the academic year, with membership being as little as £2.

With tickets for the IEMs proving to be selling like hotcakes, make sure you grab yours now!