The Oscars: Hollywood's biggest night

The Oscars: Hollywood’s biggest night





This Sunday we got to see all the A-listers dress up in their best frocks and make their way to the Oscars,t he most prestigious film award ceremony. But instead of focusing on whether who Felicity Jones was wearing, how many stars this year got cheated out of an award and how do we know the picking process is even fair?

Boyhood managed to reap several awards at the BAFTA’s earlier this month but Patricia Arquette also bagged an Oscar last Monday and rightly so, this incredible film deserved at least one Golden award for its originality and emotional intensity. But was it robbed of so much more such as with Alejandro González Iñárritu winning Best Director for Birdman. Speaking of Birdman, it did manage to overpower the Oscars getting an impressive four awards but not quite as good as Grand Budapest Hotel that walked away with an incredible 6 and considering this is the Oscars that is something of an achievement.

Eddie Redmayne walked away with an Oscar for his portrayal as Stephen Hawking in The theory of Everything. I think we can all agree that he definitely deserved it as he described one of the most incredible moments of his life. It was definitely well deserved as the film brought millions in at the box office and Stephen Hawking himself thanked Eddie for telling his story.

Another prominent winner was John Legend and Common who won Best Original song with ‘Glory’ for Selma, an amazing live performance that brought tears to cast of Selma. The comments on pressing issues such as the Fergurson shootings and the controversy that follows that. It was definitely a well deserved winner and has caused a stir over the fact that the Oscars has had much criticism for how many of the nominees are white this year. After all these years the award ceremony has kept its prestigious reputation but that’s probably down to the people who keep turning up hoping to win an award.

Many people believe that the Oscars are biased, however the process to win the coveted award is very complicated. You first have to be nominated by fellow professionals e.g film directors nominate film directors music producers nominate music producers and then all these go through to people in the film industry who send there votes in electronically and only two people know the winners before the famous envelopes are opened. There has been many a rumour about The Oscars and Hollywood’s secret drug problem and the underhanded selection process is doing nothing to quiet the storm.