The Moffat family in NTA Award winner 'Gogglebox'

The Moffat family in NTA Award winner ‘Gogglebox’





Last friday Gogglebox came back for its 5th season after its success at the NTA’s this year, winning Most Popular Factual Entertainment Programme, eventually beating Top Gear and Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs. What is it that makes this program so popular? Why is it so entertaining to watch people watch TV?

This seasons return saw the loss of the Turkish-Cypriot family The Michaels after the dad accepted a position to run as a UKIP MP, however consequently we have seen more of Bill and Josef from Cambridge. These unique handpicked viewers are definitely what make the show so popular, from Sandra and Sandy’s eccentric nature (even Sandra’s boyfriend, Derek never being seen but always mentioned) to the vicar and her husband who have a dog famous for knocking Graham’s tea down his shirt.

I think the reason we all love Gogglebox so much is because we feel like we are watching our own families watching TV. I know that if my family were on it we would definitely be The Malone’s from Manchester, my dad is exactly like the dad who is begrudgingly being made to watch Downton Abbey in the corner and who can’t believe that my mum would spend £27 on a Christmas candle. Almost like the Royle Family, you’re subjected to the relatability of everyday life.

The show presents the best side of the British public. The funny and heartwarming side, at one point or another we have all seen the viewers tear up watching TV and this illustrates the bare humanity of family and friendship as all the families and friends clearly love each other very much. That’s something that British TV has always been able to do well. Broadcast the true honesty across. It catches something American TV just can’t quite manage to do. There’s no glamour in the program, its families simply watching TV in their living rooms. None of them have makeup artists, none of them have been dressed specially, most of them are eating takeaway while watching. Yet this is an award winning TV show because it is the first TV program to truly show in all its glory what British families get up to in their homes.

There is just something about Gogglebox that just warms the cockles of your heart. It’s one of the few things that makes me proud to be British, I’ve grown to have a genuine warmth for the families broadcasted.