Pink Pigeon

Pink pigeon is arguably one of the best vintage shops in Leicester. It is situated within the Saint Martin’s Square area of town which is also home to dinky boutiques and café’s. It is quite difficult to find without knowing where to look which makes it a hidden gem. If you love to find a bargain this is your place! From 80’s sports jackets to checked flannel shirts, there is something in there for all vintage clothing lovers.

Top Girl

Top girl, in my opinion, is Leicester’s best shop for fancy dress. Gnome hats, angel wings, cheerleader costumes it pretty much sells everything you’d ever need for a party or social! With its cheap prices as well, it’s the clear favourite over other fancy dress shops. Top Girl is in the Haymarket centre, which people tend to neglect due to the new development of The Highcross centre.

Mod For It

Mod for It is one of Leicester’s newest individual shops based in the Lanes area of town. The store features clothing for men and women to mirror the mod fashion era and lifestyle. The style of clothes are similar to the likes of Liam Gallagher’s brand Pretty Green with paisley shirts being a key item stocked in the shop.

The Very Bizarre

The Very Bizarre has been in Leicester for many years. They have a large selection of one-off sterling silver rings which are beautiful and start off relatively cheap ranging from £10 onwards. They stock a variety of different gem stone rings which make perfect presents for yourself, friends or family. If you’d prefer a more alternative ring to the mainstream likes of Pandora or Thomas Sabo then the Very Bizarre is worth checking out!


For all the hipsters or trainer lovers in Leicester, Wellgosh is the place to shop. From Clark’s originals to top brands such as Nike and Adidas, Wellgosh can cater to your footwear needs. They also tend to sell trainers which the mainstream chains such as Office and Schuh, in the Highcross Centre, do not stock yet or are unlikely to. In addition to footwear, Wellgosh sells designer clothing. Located on Highstreet, Wellgosh is a definite must to check out.