On the 4th of November, DMU Netball 1st team played University of East Anglia in an amazing and energetic game and came out triumphant with a winning score of 47-19!

Before their game started, they watched and supported their 2nd team’s match who in the end unfortunately lost, but instead of getting anxious about their pending game, the girls came out more confident and determined than ever and that is evident through the final score.

Each team member played their positions perfectly throughout each quarter with the defence making it nearly impossible for the opposing team to get the ball anywhere near their goal- and when it did, the ball was successful blocked by our defence, with players like Sadie Burch (Goal Keeper) intercepting numerous passes.

The high level of skill was evident across the whole court as at the other end, their energetic and speedy Centers, Becca Lees and Jasmin Liddell, were able to get the ball over to the shooters with ease- allowing them to score 47 goals in the hour.

Player of the match was given to Imogen Turner (Goal shooter) for her astonishing accuracy when shooting which continued throughout the whole game. Player’s player was given to Lucy Mugford (Goal Defence and Captain) for her amazing interceptions, always being able to get free to receive the ball and keeping on her player at all times.

Congratulations ladies, wishing you the best for your upcoming matches!

Final Score: DMU 1st 47-19 East Anglia

Player of the Match: Imogen Turner

Player’s Player: Lucy Mugford