We all love simple designs that just make our nails a little more stand out than normal. For the winter season, our favourite print, tartan, will make another appearance across the high street in scarf form, so why not have matching nails? Through this basic tutorial I will demonstrate how easy it is to design a tartan effect.

My product of the week is the ‘Rio Professional Nail Art Pen Kit’, which is currently in a 20% off sale in Argos totaling at £19.99. For students this may be a bit pricey, but for 6 nail polishes, each with a pen and a fine brush, I personally don’t know how you can see your life without them!

For this tutorial I used:

Rio Professional Nail Art – Blue

Rio Professional Nail Art – Black

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish – Gold

Barry M Base and Top Coat

  1. Firstly, as always, use a clear base coat to prevent staining and cracking.
  2. Then, paint the layer of gold on your nail and wait for it to dry. I picked a creamy gold rather than a classic red or green, because I thought this spin on the classic gave the end design a bit more class. However, you can do this design in any colour you wish!
  3. Using the fine brush on the black nail art pen, draw out three horizontal lines in the top half of your nail and then three vertical going down the left hand side. You could then switch the side of the vertical lines on the other hand to make them more symmetrical. Furthermore, if you do not have a fine brush, try using the masking tape technique or even cocktail stick to help carry out those lines.
  4. After that, use the blue nail art pen to paint one horizontal line in the bottom half of your nail and then one going vertically down the right side of your nail, end by making this pattern symmetrical on the other hand.


What colour combination did you pick? Show us using @Demonfashion!