10744782_10152883745677904_1502176156_nWe all have that one item of clothing hiding in the back of our wardrobes never to see the day light again. This may be from spontaneous shopping sprees, to that dodgy present someone got you for Christmas – they damage our pride and make us feel horrible in everything we wear.

Asking students about regret buys comes with a unsurprising result: We have all done it.

For me personally,my regret by was some light brown jeans from New Look that I bought a few years ago. The purchase happened so quickly and without thinking because I saw that they were in fashion at the time. Without reading the label, I just plunged in and brought them, thinking they were skinny jeans. Once I tried them on at home, it occurred to me about how baggy and unattractive they looked. The colour was so hard to pair with anything; even a plain black shirt wasn’t saving the day! Ever since, I have really tried to be careful with what I buy and thinking whether I really need it or not. I found this has been a great way to save money and I now wear all of my clothes equally.

Student Grainne Bray said: “I bought some heels on amazon a couple of months ago, and was misled thinking they were at a reasonable height. I regretted it as soon as I bought them, because I needed them for a birthday meal out. But couldn’t wear them, as I would have broken something.”

Further on, Grainne explained that she spent £40 on these shoes that she has still never worn outside, and yet not had the time to send them back and reclaim her money.

Lucy Pinker brought a shirt purely for fashion which she now regrets. “It failed. I haven’t got it anymore but it was too big, baggy and gross. I got it because I had a voucher. It was cream coloured but ended up looking like weak tea.”

So why do we feel the need to spontaneously buy without thinking? Are companies trying to lure us in to getting something we do not need? Do we buy to try and stay in fashion instead of buying the basics which will be fashionable all year round? I think all of these contribute to our regrets! To stop repeating past mistakes, why not write a list of things you really need and plan ahead. Even when you find that garment which you fall in love with in the shop, think if you really need it and if it will have long-term use.

But should it be a regret? Why try not making that hideous garment a bit more in trend by stylizing it? Or even express your creative urges by creating your own DIY clothing! If there is no hope for your clothing then why not give it to charity, then you will feel better about buying it in the first place.