Heidi Klum is famous in the world of Fashion for being one of the biggest and highest paid models in the world, so it’s only fitting she’s classed as a style icon. What you probably don’t know is that Heidi hosts an annual Halloween party in which she pulls out all the stops for her costume choice, excelling her status as a fashionista with her iconic Halloween looks.

Purrfect Model Looks:

Heidi Klum's 8th Annual Halloween Party


She’s purrfected the outfit of a cat, going one step ahead of the little silver cat ear headbands and eyeliner drawn whiskers we are used to seeing on the Halloween-themed nights out.

Transformer, Heidi in Disguise!



In previous years she’s literally transformed herself into the robotic alien look of a Transformer. Donning a blood orange wig, which still looks flawless on the model.

She’s a Goddess.


She’s also unleashed her inner spirituality, dressing as Kali a Hindu goddess, making herself unrecognisable and stretching the authenticity of her look further by adding 6 extra arms to complete the appearance of the Goddess.

It’s safe to say that no other person or celebrity in this world will ever nail Halloween like Heidi. I wonder what she’ll pull out of the bag this year…

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