D_G10Earlier this week, I wrote about how Ashley Williams’ AW15 collection was a stand-out above the others in London Fashion Week, which is an important factor if any designer wants to make money and be remembered.

Similarly, Dolce and Gabbana turned their usual Italian classic line into something much more memorable and simply lovely.

First, let’s discuss their actual clothing collection; light blue mini dresses, iridescent details, and dusky pink dresses and coats with flower appliqué designs brought the pieces back to what D&G are good at: feminine pieces perfect for the powerful woman.

What I love about Dolce and Gabbana, that I loved from their AW13 collection, is how they have enabled women to feel strong and beautiful in their pieces. While their gowns are not as extravagant as those of ELIE SAAB, for example, the intricate patterns resemblant to traditional Italian fabric in the right colours work every time.

D_G2 D_G4 D_G6

Some pieces that stood out for me the most were those that had quotes of admiration for mothers. From the French, ‘Je T’aime Maman‘, to the native Italian ‘ti voglio bene Mamma’, the motherly appreciation was incredibly beautiful and inspirational.

Speaking of inspirational, seeing the alluring Bianca Balti smiling as she struts down the runway whilst heavily pregnant, is something that everybody admired from the moment she stepped out onto the catwalk. Her radiant spirit is extremely infectious, even for me, looking at the show through a computer screen.

D_G D_G3 D_G5

Watching the gorgeous models carrying babies and walking alongside young children on the runway showed a revolution of sorts for fashion. It shows there is a place for womanhood and motherhood in way that has never seen before, which is so inspirational.

D_G8 D_G1 D_G9


Both Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have celebrated the importance and the undeniable beauty of motherhood through a pretty and delectable collection that should be on everybody’s dream wishlist.