DSU Active Varsity 2015

The time of year that every sports team waits for every season is finally upon us; Varsity 2015. The tradition sees De Montfort University go head to head against University of Leicester in an epic battle of the city.

Varsity is pride. It is about representing your university and showcasing your talents. It concludes the end of season and is the final push for all sports teams. Varsity will always be on the calendar and DMU will claim victory.

Varsity has been an official tradition for the last 12 years with unofficial varsity matches taking place for the three years preceding that. Although DMU has never actually won Varsity, the gap between the points has significantly decreased in recent years.

With the Vice Chancellor Dominic Shellard’s promise at the end of last season, every team has been offered paid coaches to help their increase their level of skill. Hopefully this will be enough to finally close the gap between us and our neighbours down the road.

Ross Harrison, Sports Development Manager said “What are our hopes? We want to better last years tally. Usually its 2 to 1, last year it was 19-11 by the end ignoring all the draws. This year we have 45 fixtures so we want to get more than half. We want to win it obviously as long as we better last year’s score that is the main thing.”

“What you have got to realise is University of Leicester are a top 50 BUCS and we are 84th currently. All the clubs this year have a paid coach. Underdogs wise, all of our teams are the underdogs as we are in lower leagues except for a few teams.”

Adil Waraich, President of De Montfort Student’s Union said “I think we are a far better university and I think we have far better students that are more interesting. I want the students and everyone else to believe it because I really do think we can win this year. We have put in a lot of effort and a lot of support for all the teams so I want them to go out as hard as they can because we are going to smash University of Leicester this year.”

Steve Burrell “I think we have got a strong hope. I’m looking forward to sports, especially some of the big events. We do have a winning chance this year, we have prepared really well. We have had our fitness sessions, psychology talks and we are all in the right frame of mind so hopefully the players can show that on the pitch. I have seen lots of teams training hard, a few teams have put on extra training sessions throughout the week so it’s just building up. Everyone is really up for it this year.”

The Varsity season kicked off on 1 February with the American Football varsity. The main Varsity season kicks off today with DMU Snow Sports heading to Swadlincote to claim the Ski and Snowboarding points. With many other teams competing in BUCS league matches today, everything else kicks off on the weekend Tennis, Swimming and the first of the three Hockey fixtures. Varsity season concludes on 22 May with the outdoor cricket fixture at Grace Road although most of the season will be over on 25 March after the final football matches.

When asked which was more important Ross Harrison said “BUCS. Always BUCS. If you have a good BUCS season you will hopefully have a good varsity.”

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