Hello Fashion Friends! I have for you here, a quick round up of London Collections: Men. The collections merge talent and culture in a way that contributes to the inspiration of British Fashion. Showcasing a wide variety of emerging fashion talents, London Collections gave some exciting new visions for the future of menswear this year. Here are some highlights from the catwalk for you to chew on.


I myself am a big fan of creams and whites. I have my heavy cream overcoat which is basically stapled to my shoulders for life, and there’s nothing more satisfying than slipping into a classy well fitting white shirt for a party. Set to be a big trend this 2K14, double cream made a huge appearance this week. Demonstrated as a ‘palette cleanser’, the colour provides a modern take on the conventional white summer suit. Check out what the designers have in store.


(In order from left: Richard James, Lou Dalton, Spencer Heart, KTZ, Craig Green


Lace, surprisingly enough, has been presented this week at LC:M. I know right? Probably considered one of the least manly of materials, these garments have been revamped for the man this year.


I’m very partial to a bit of Alexander Mcqueen (middle) and always have been. This week, he hasn’t disappointed. Fashioning the lace into a typical item of menswear like the overcoat, offers an alternative to conventional floral patterning of spring/summer. All three of these designers have dared to be different this year and have succeeded. In particular Sibling (left) have chosen to really test the limits in terms of material and patterning, combing the crosshatched lace with the stripped tailoring around the collar, wrists and so on. Astrid Anderson, like Alexander Mcqueen has also combined two elements of the masculine and the feminine through lace. With the butch bomber jacket covering the delicate lace top beneath it. Can’t say I’m a massive fan of the lumpy sandals I’m afraid.


If this years Spring/Summer turns out to be yet another rainy English experience, have no fear. Designers have presented enough colours to brighten up the season. For example, Agi + Sam showed off traffic light brights, whilst Criag Green exploded onto the catwalk with fluorescent tie die prints. Have a look at some of these juicy items:


(In order from left: Agi + Sam, Christopher Shannon, Craig Green, Jonathan Saunders, Katie Eary)


Nobody can describe how much I loath the onesie. I drew the line when BOTH (that’s right) BOTH my parents decided to get one each. Coming home from work to find your own father cooking dinner in a superman onesie just tore me apart. However Lou Dalton and Richard Nicoll have done such a bag tidy job of reviving the onesie trend that I’ve come to terms with the fact that the onesie will never ever go away. I’d probably lounge in either one of these if I could.


I quite admire Lou Dalton’s (right) attempt at the slightly prisoner-esque look, giving the piece a sense of context. The same with Richard Nicoll’s (left) mechanic look. It gives the conventional fun and silly appeal of the onesie a subtler tone that makes the onesie a more serious choice of clothing.

So that’s that for London Collections: Men. All in all it’s been a bombardment of impeccable design and exceptional tailoring, laying solid foundations and promising visions for the future of British fashion. But that’s me waffling, what do you think of the designers this year? I think you’ll struggle to find one you don’t absolutely adore.