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Well would you look at the time… It’s time for another Monday Playlist!

This week, we have opted for something a little different! As well as making our playlist available via Spotify, we have also included some embedded YouTube videos. Why you ask? Well because this week’s playlist is focusing on Music in Motion, i.e. the best music videos to ever grace our television and computer monitors! From performance videos, to parodies, to the most classic of music clips, we have it all covered in this week’s playlist. So hit those play buttons below and give your eyes a break from the studying for a few minutes; trust us, it’ll be worth it!

DSU played host to the fourth artist on the Coffeehouse Sessions tour this past week, the lovely Lydia Baylis – did you check her out in The Lobby? If not, fear not, as all the highlights will be up on DemonTV in the not too distant future, whilst our brilliant writer Natalie has got you covered with her review of the show this coming Wednesday on Demon Online! We also have a great Last Month review of Disney princess Selena Gomez’s show in the Big Smoke by our new writer Rizwana Ganatra, who went along to see her at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo!

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1. ‘She Was Hot’ – The Rolling Stones

Alex Underwood (@broadcasteralex) says: “One of the funniest videos ever. Now, I love the ‘Stones at least twice as much as the next guy, but this is not their best song; far from it. Just look at the Razzie-worthy performances put in by the five of them though – particularly Mick and Keith. They really are comically bad, and just think – Mick acted professionally for a time!”


2. ‘Monarchy of Roses’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Alex says: “This is an average song for the Chili Peppers, a single from their last album I’m With You, but the video vastly improves on it with an arty animated theme, as the band members slip into their standard state of semi-nakedness. Also – dat ‘stache.”


3. ‘Islands’ – The XX

Ethan Williamson (@E523W) says: “After a bit of thought, and deciding to take this theme seriously, I had to go with this. The slow burn subtlety of the video compliments the music perfectly, allowing for a powerful moment when you realise that the visual has been far from a loop.”


4. ‘November Rain’ – Guns N’ Roses

Ethan says: “Painfully overwrought melodrama. Random desert guitar solo. I have nothing more to add.”


5. ‘All The Small Things’ – Blink 182

Bradley Duggan (@bradley_duggan) says: “Easily one of the greatest pop-punk bands of the past 2 decades, Blink 182 really showed their funny side when filming the video for ‘All the Small Things’. Spoofing every music video cliché since the dawn of time, Blink 182 take mainstream inspiration from the likes of Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. The 3-piece have many other amazing videos that I could have used, such as ‘What’s My Age Again?’, but with many bands trying the route of taking the mick out of pop videos, this is the one that sticks on my mind and makes it the best of the Blink videos.”


6. ‘One More Time’ – Daft Punk

Bradley says: “Daft Punk are renowned for their videos, from the amazing ‘Around the World’ to ‘Da Funk’; most of Daft Punk’s videos are master pieces. It did, as you may guess, take me a while to choose as song from the amazing duo, but the album Discovery prevailed. It all came down to a tug of war between ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ and ‘One More Time’, with the latter coming out the victor.  The reason why I chose ‘One More Time’ is because the whole of the Discovery album tells a story. Videos are segments from an anime film called Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, which follows a story of a kidnapped extraterrestrial band. What’s better than watching a bunch of music videos and having a film at the end of it?”


7. ‘Spaceman’ – The Killers

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natbcfc) says: “The word ‘surreal’ is probably the best way to describe this music video, in which The Killers attempt to explain what it’s like getting abducted by aliens. With Brandon Flowers taking us round the strangest party you’ll ever see, there are costumes, dancing, and all manner of weird and wonderful looking people all on a huge, chandelier adorned platform in the middle of the desert. Yeah, I did say it was surreal.”


8. ‘Buddy Holly’ – Weezer

Hollie Copas (@holc93) says: “Possibly one of Weezer’s most iconic songs, ‘Buddy Holly’ has the video to go along with it! Rivers Cuomo and co are transported onto the set of 1970s sitcom Happy Days, with scenes from the original show integrated with stunt doubles filmed for the actual video seamlessly! It is undeniably genius! The band added in a fake advert break in the middle, and it became one of the most popular videos of it’s time. Weezer were the epitome of geek rock at the time, and still have a hold on that title; even now.”

9. ‘Learn To Fly’ – Foo Fighters

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “Based on my past articles, you have probably guessed that I am a massive Foo Fighters fan – so I couldn’t pass this week’s playlist by without including one of their videos. Why you ask? Because the Foos make awesome music videos. They have said so themselves, that their music videos are like adverts for their albums, so they want to make them as fun and quirky as possible to catch the eyes of new listeners. The ‘Learn To Fly’ video stars the Foos as a trio, as they were during the There Is Nothing Left To Lose era of their career, running around an aeroplane as themselves, the pilots, the cabin crew, a crazed fan and many other memorable characters. Dave’s friends in Tenacious D even make an appearance! This video is brilliant, and the song is arguably one of the best of their career.”


10. ‘Weapon of Choice’ – Fatboy Slim

Nicola says: “Two phrases: Christopher Walken; dad-dancing. What else is there to say really? If you love a good giggle and the awkwardness that emanates from Hollywood legend Mr Walken, this is the video for you. He throws down some seriously cool moves in this video as he bolts around a five-star hotel lobby; so good in fact that you’ll be using them yourselves during the next SU clubnight! Beware though: this is a catchy little number that will remain in your head for days on end.”


11. ‘Telephone feat. Beyoncé’ – Lady Gaga

Harry dean (@harrydeansays) says: “Once upon a time Gaga made a video that had a story we clearly understood and enjoyed to its upmost. ‘Telephone’ featured the fabulous Beyoncé who helped bust her partner(-in-crime?) out of prison. The whole video, particularly the diner scene, feels very reminiscent of Oliver Stone’s 1994 film Natural Born Killers. I loved the film and I love the music video. Definitely one of my all time favourite videos – hands down!”


12. ‘Astronaut’ – Simple Plan

Harry says: “The cinematic views of this video really shine if you watch this video in HD. The Canadian-French pop punk band have been more popular from their 2013 summer hit entitled ‘Summer Paradise’, which was remixed with Sean Paul (I personally prefer the original which featured K’naan) but have been around more than a decade now. As a long time fan – I would have singled out an older song, but the metaphor in this song really attached to me. If you haven’t heard it yet, do give it a listen.”

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