‘Ever since I was very young I’ve always had an overwhelming passion for fashion, it’s kind of taken over my life at some point, but because of the charity I’m doing it for it seemed appropriate to do something that I loved and something I wanted to fight against’- Katie Meadway event organiser of ‘Fashion for Cancer’.


Photo by Tiffany Frost

On Sunday 3rd November DMU student Katie Meadway fought through the sweat, stress and tears to put together an amazing fashion event  to raise money for ‘Fashion targets Breast Cancer’.  Katie combined her ‘overwhelming passion for fashion’ to produce an event which featured local designers/brands and DMU fashion design students work on the catwalk.


Photo by Jonathan Lau

Like many others Katie and her family have been affected by the disease, with Katie’s sister being diagnosed with breast cancer, when Katie was at a young age. Katie’s biggest inspiration for both the fashion event and in life is her sister Jennie.  Speaking during the catwalk Katie said how she felt hopeless at the time as she didn’t know what to do to help. Now Katie has organised an immense fashion event to raise money for a charity which supports and helps cares for people who suffer with cancer and their families.  Katie is a true inspiration and proves that it only takes one person to start making a difference.

Katie and her sister

Photo by Tiffany Frost

During the catwalk President of DSU, Ian Warrington said ‘I’ve been here five years now and I think I can safely say this is one of the best organised student events I’ve ever seen.’  As well as working with ‘Fashion targets breast cancer’ Katie worked with DMU square mile who organise DMU charity events and volunteering. For more information on how you can create your own event for charity, like Katie did head over to the DMU square mile website.

Overall the event was a huge success with every element of it running smoothly as possible. All the strands at Demon media attended the event and worked together to produce some amazing content.  Over the next few days, Demon fashion will be posting interviews with designers and brands, catwalk coverage and street style. To go with these articles will be, video clips taken by and edited by Demon TV.


Photo by Jonathan Lau

For a sneak preview of content watch Demon TV’s coverage of the catwalk in full bellow: